russian translation via skypeYou would like to book a hotel in Moscow (?) or to speak to an important partner, who is located in Ukraine, to schedule a meeting, or somebody has just called you, and although it seemed like they were speaking Russian, you didn’t really get what a man on the other side was talking about?

From time to time situations like these happen in our life, and how great it would be if we had a person around, who could give an advice, understand what happens or just become our mouthpiece for a few minutes to provide an effective communication.

We have a solution! ))

Russian online interpretation is our new service, that is offered to corporate and individual clients. Communication may be organized either via Skype or via regular ground or mobile telephone lines.

“We make your conversation clear”…

Everything you need is to submit a Request, where you indicate the date and time of your prospective call, and approximate length of your forthcoming talk.

€0.50 (or 35 RUR)/min.
Minimal order – 15 minutes (€ 10).

We accept Paypal, Visa and Mastercard.
(Other payment methods are also available – please contact us for more details).

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